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The Must Have Piece of Furniture

This piece of furniture is a must have in any household



Whether it is to leisure or work, a desk is always an essential part of everyone lives. A desk can be an unnoticed piece of furniture; however, since kid’s elementary years to a senior, everyone needs them around.

If you have been pulled out of office since this pandemic started, several parents, were forced to share their dining tables with computers, phones, cameras, the unexpected uncomfortable situation.

However, we believe your dining table must be the place where you record precious memories all year around. Thus, desks are here to support you, help you to enjoy your work even more and to feel great about the time you are giving the best of you while providing for your family.


 Space Options for you home office


It is hard to accommodate our business office at home in a way that conduct the worker, the student to a less distraction field, if you do not have plenty of room to do it. A solution for that is to distribute several “work stations” around the house.

Sometimes the bedrooms need to be used as a school setting for teens, while the living room can be used for a toddler or elementary student. For daddy a little corner or the visit bedroom to be transformed in an office, and for mom her bedroom will do it. This depends on the family size, the house size, but it can be done using small desks, files cabinets, and the basics accessories, so you do not get a clutter space. It is more like a minimalist office.

Talking about space, the picture above shows a great option if you are using the space to blog, to write, to research over the internet. But it is not functional if you have to talk to teacher in Zoom, or work as Customer Services.


Benefits of Movement while working

 It is not new that we need to move our bodies, or that sitting too much it is not beneficial to our health. Try new ways to work using accessories that will make the difference in your new lifestyle.


It is a good idea to raise your monitor to keep your head up or use a standing desk. Also, get anti-glare screen to avoid tired eyes. The idea of been sitting down too much is horrifying for causing several side effects for the body; therefore, it is recommended to use strategies that allow the person to move more and reaping the benefits of a healthier body. The more movement you add to your body the more productive you become, and the healthier, and cleared mind you will be.


Finally, remember your work day cannot be uninterrupted hours, you can take small breaks to stretch your legs, arms, back. You will feel refreshed and rested, ready to start over on your tasks. Remember to blink more, it is great benefit for your eyes, also put a pencil between your lips. This will force you to smile.