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Too much sitting? Too much screen? Protect your spine, wrists, eyes, your Health!

Our "new normal" is wrecking our backs, shoulders, spine, our vision, and blood flow. Before the pandemic many were dreaming of working at home, dreaming to escape the terrible traffic jam, have to follow the dress code every day. Suddenly, many became exposed to this new reality. Even though, the daily commute is not missed and work at home is a trend that seems to be staying with us for a long time, we need to take measures to protect our health. It is necessary to have ergonomic office space to carry out our day.

Are you not tired of lower back pain, lateral back pain, shoulders strained, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, stiff wrists, dry eyes, and so on?

As your partner in health and well being, we would like to suggest some work from home tips to help you to thrive in your new office space.

  • If you read documents on your job, try to use a vertical document holder; avoid reading in a flat surface to prevent your neck from hanging.
  • Make sure your feet reach the ground for better support, if not, grab some books or a little stool for support; better yet, is the under desk bike to add movement for improved circulation. Avoid working from the couch, even if you are tempted to do so; your back will thank you.
  • If you get a stand desk, it's tempting to stay up for long time, but it is recommended by Chiropractors that you alternate sitting and standing every one hour.
  • Avoid mouse pads with wrist rest. It add compression to the median nerve; Also, it worsen the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • The mouse will change the shape of your right hand (or left); therefore, it is recommended the use of vertical mouses to avoid the deformity of your writing hand.
  • Check if the location of your computer screen is not reflecting too much light, because the glare can cause visual eye strain.
  • If you dealing with back pain, neck tension, or headaches don't run to your cabinet medicine. Take a break. If doesn't help, try other options such as cold/heat therapy on your back, neck, shoulders to reduce pain, inflammation in the area. Stretches, Yoga, back exercise are helpful to keep pain under control. If not, go to a Chiropractor.

If you have kids pay close attention to their new school settings. They also feel negative impact of excess sitting and screens. They could well benefit of an appropriate ergonomic office.

Health is our major gift, it is up to us to keep it or lose it.